About LeaseTracker

LeaseTracker was designed by a team of professional accountants to take
away the hassle of managing and accounting for leases. Our user-friendly
cloud-based solution allows you to capture, modify, remeasure and manage all
other aspects of your lease contracts within minutes. Be it multiple leases, divisions,
countries or currencies, even sending you reminders of upcoming lease renewals.

What’s more, a comprehensive set of reports ensures that your IFRS 16
financial reporting is completed in minimal time without any manual report
building necessary (and yes, that includes your favourite disclosure note too).

In addition to lease management, LeaseTracker has since developed
dedicated solutions for asset management, hire-purchases as well as a document
management solution.  

Proudly a member of the C2 Technologies Group, LeaseTracker is
perfectly positioned to help you manage your leases, fixed assets, financed
assets, workflows and cloud-based storage for all your important

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