Asset Management

Our Asset Management Solution is the ideal platform for anyone who is looking to add operational and financial support to all fixed assets. You can set reminders, schedules, manage your financials, manage your tenants and more!

Key Features

• Financials - Per Asset, Full General Ledger, Impairments, Capital Project Cost, Asset Valuations, Replacement Values
• Manage your Tenants - Billing Schedules, Checklists, Tenant Information
• Manage your Assets - Maintenance Schedules and Reminders, Geotagging, Reporting, Municipal Accounts
• Manage your Projects - Maintenance and Capital Projects, Track Spend per Suppliers, Track Budget vs Actual, Run Projects per Cost Type

User Segregation

Multiple users can be created with various permission levels, based on their role within your firm. A full audit trail of all changes are stored. Unlimited users can be added to the software at no additional price! LeaseTracker is an operational tool as much as it is a financial tool.


Let our team of accounting professionals assist you in transitioning to our Asset Management System whilst providing you with best-practice advice.


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