The new IFRS 16 accounting standard is effective 1 January 2019 and will affect all companies which lease assets. These leases will be required to be capitalised under the new accounting standard, changing the way your company calculates and accounts for asset leases.


The LeaseTracker system calculates all the necessary liability amortisation schedules, right of use asset amortisation schedules, retrospective adjustments and journals you require to account for the new accounting standard.


The LeaseTracker system caters for building, motor vehicle and office equipment leases

Track your lease

Track your lease with the LeaseTracker system to ensure smooth and accurate transitions to the new accounting standard.
Manage your leases with a press of a button.

Meaningful Reports

  • IFRS 16 accounting report showing asset, liability, rentals and amortisation schedules
  • IFRS 16 journals per month/per year
  • IFRS 16 retrospective journals
  • IFRS 16 vs IAS 17 comparison reports for historical and future planning

Provide Management

Insightful data and system driven
  • Receive system flags / notifications that lease needs attention
  • Quick lease summary reports
  • Rentals per region
  • Rentals per division
  • Avg square costs per region